Sofia Gets Her RM300

Just by referring us to her company, sofia gets RM300 rewards.  Easy to earn money right?

How Things Are Done

Simple steps before you can earn your money. Just slide left.

Who we are?

Before you can start promote our services to you boss, please at least check our homepage to get some idea. We are Malaysia corporate website designer.

Tell your boss

Recommend our services to your boss. Tell him the importance of having a company website! (Don't worry, we won't tell him that you will get the reward). haha 😛

The Discussion

We will do the rest from here including explaining the processes involved, website features, pricing, and will try to close deal with your boss.

Get your payment

Once your boss made the final payment, we will contact you for the happy moment, the payment day !

Tell your boss

Register Yourself as Referer

Still not recommend us to your boss yet? Don’t worry, just register first so that later we can contact you if your boss make website with us.

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